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"And my God will meet all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter Seventeen - Extreme Ranch Makeover

My husband also thought it wasn’t that bad.  I thought they were all blind, because I thought it was horrible.  Because of my distraught, Steve decided to help out.  He contacted his purchasing department to see if they could get some contractors to volunteer to help clean up the ranch.  They agreed.  Let the Extreme Ranch Makeover begin!!!! 
My 50th birthday party was planned for October 28, so I wanted to have the horses moved over early so my family could come see them at their new location.
The contractors brought in HEAVY equipment in addition to manpower with power tools, the ranch got cleaned up in a weekend.   We had all of our participants come out and help pick up trash as well.  What an improvement.  We hauled off about 1,000 tons of scrap metal.  I think the other tenants on the property thought I came in and took over the entire ranch.  I believe they felt very displaced and out of touch.   When light arrives, darkness has to flee.  We rented the back end of the barn which included 6 stalls.  We converted one of the stalls into a tack room.   Since we were used to having our tack room in the “elements” that was ok for us.   We also got 3 turn outs plus we were given the 4 ton pellet bin to use.  We moved the horses over just in time for my birthday party.  I asked Carol if she wanted to move Snickers over, but by the time she was able to answer, I had already moved her over.   She seemed ok with it since I was still paying for her board and care and she was still volunteering in the ministry.   Snickers and Carol have since left the ministry.   Carol is back at Chris’s with Snickers and her daughter's horse Silvie having a wonderful time.   My friend Cami enjoys riding with her Aunt on the weekends. 
Here are some pictures of the Extreme Ranch Makeover:

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