Thank you.

To all those who read this blog. This is a testimony of God's power to anyone who wants to pursue a ministry to accomplish the purpose that He has written for our lives. If we trust in Him completely, He will guide our steps so His Ministry becomes a well watered garden growing fruit to His perfection, not limited by any physical sense, but everything supplied by Him.

"And my God will meet all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Enjoy the journey with me.



Monday, October 21, 2013

Summer of 2013

July 12th - 14th was our 4th Annual Horse Camp.  This year was a little different because we did not have a contributing chuck wagon, aka rented RV, offered by a family who gave up their weekend to feed all of us.  So instead, my volunteers were designated food providers and preparers leading a group for 2 meals each day for all.  Amanda provided desserts and I provided lunches.   The food was amazing and everyone really helped out.  There were about 60 of us campers!!

It was also the first time that we got stuck out on a ride during a down pour.  I wasn't sure how that would work, so after having lived through it and all the horses did great, I will no longer make such a big deal out of the rain, NOT wanting to be out there when it did.  We only got rained on about 2 major times during the weekend.  We have really great pictures that I'll post here.    We have way too many to post, so I'll just post a variety.  Mike Nickele also brought up his archery set and Amanda brought up her canoe for our Saturday afternoon trip to the lake.   For some of us, we did get stuck on I-17 with the horses for about 8 hours on the way home due to a traffic accident .   That was a big bummer, but we still made it back on Sunday and everyone got home safe and sound.

We did get a new horse donated named Sophia a couple months ago.  A 12 year old bay quarter horse.  She's amazing.  Super sweet, great ground manners, and easy to ride.  I've already put a kid on her.  She goes in the same category with Buddy and Tigger.  I have a picture posted here of her too.

The summer is finally over!!!  We made it.  Summers are interesting for the ministry living in Phoenix with 115 + temperatures.  We continued to have sessions throughout the entire summer and only had a few families take a break due to the heat.  We did have a lot of family vacations, however, so attendance was a little sporadic but we kept the consistency going.  The horses all did really well throughout the summer too.  In fact, the horses are doing so well that the ministry felt that we no longer needed a full time horse trainer/live-in caretaker.   We have a good amount of horses to carry us through several months with the ministry as we continue to grow.   The ministry has 13 horses, one leased horse, one we can use owned by our landlord's son in exchange for feeding him and then one that we get to use just for the sake of exercising him.   Gene has taken over all the feeding and all the ministry participants have stepped up to do a little more with cleaning around the barn and help with keeping everything up to our normal standards.  Our volunteer base continues to grow and get stronger and stronger!!!

Breehia is currently 4 1/2 months pregnant and we confirmed (at least 75% sure) that we are having a filly.   Her name is Destiny. 

The Word is being taught before every session and I also have a couple really good healing videos posted.  Praise the Lord!!!  We are so thankful!!!