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To all those who read this blog. This is a testimony of God's power to anyone who wants to pursue a ministry to accomplish the purpose that He has written for our lives. If we trust in Him completely, He will guide our steps so His Ministry becomes a well watered garden growing fruit to His perfection, not limited by any physical sense, but everything supplied by Him.

"And my God will meet all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Enjoy the journey with me.



Friday, April 13, 2012

Our First Car Wash Fundraiser

Since my last post, we have experienced continuous growth.  I know that the Lord has amazing things planned for this ministry and I'm excited to be a part of His plan, so we will continue to keep up with His pace. 

We had an interesting thing happen with a potential big horse.  I was praying for another big horse like Buddy and Grey to accommodate some of our new, bigger riders, so I put a request into the Kingdom of God on a Friday.   "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."  Philippians 4:5-7   On the following Tuesday I get an email from an unknown person who was referred to us by John Garcia.  She mentioned that the place that she had been learning about horses had a horse that the owner was looking to give away.  She also mentioned that the reason the guy wanted to give him away was because he walked too slow.   She also gave me the owner's information to contact him.  So, after reading the email I thought that this might be the horse that I prayed for.  It's ok with us if the horse is slow!!  So I called the owner and asked him about the horse.  While he was describing him, he mentioned that he would be great for our big people.  Wow!!  He also mentioned that he paid a couple hundred bucks for him a few years back and that he was a little stiff until you work him out for a little while.   Ok, sounds pretty good, obviously I don't want to doubt God, so I made plans to pick him up on Friday.  Then I called the woman back who referred the horse and she asked if he had mentioned the horse's bad shoulder.  I said no.  Since I had already committed to going and getting the horse, after I hung up with her I confessed that this horse was going to be in perfect health when we get him on Friday and that he will have no physical issues whatsoever.  ".calls things that are not as though they were." Romans 4:17.

Friday morning I get a call from the owner and he changed his mind.  He said the horse was not the same horse and that he's jumping around and chasing the mares and that he had plans on using him that day.  He actually was really excited about this "new" very energetic horse.  He also mentioned that you can get about $1200 for a horse like this.  Obviously, he was now in no position to "donate" a horse like we cancelled our trip to go get him.  Meanwhile, David has been reassuring me that most of our horses can handle our bigger participants especially just riding around in the arena for an hour.   So, I'm at peace with what happened and know with confidence that if it really becomes an issue, we will have the horse we need.  The praise report is that this guy has been blessed with a renewed horse. 

Just wanted to share God's power that works in us through His Holy Spirit.  Our Words are powerful!!! 

After seeing everyone who participated at the special olympic event, I realized how important it is now to have our own ministry t-shirts to be recognized as a cohesive group.  I've been putting off printing t-shirts because the ministry did not have a logo yet.  I wanted the logo to be designed by a professional and I really like the company that designed our website, however, they charge $500 for logo design.    Last week, I stepped out in faith and went ahead and hired them to create a logo.  Here are the first two drafts:

Uh oh!!!  Since the designer really didn't know much about horses, I don't think that she realized that this horse is not really a very happy camper.  Kind of looked scary and mean to me.  Not quite the representation of the ministry I had hoped for.

She gave me the stock photo site that she found these, so I was able to find a horse that represented the ministry WAY better!!!

Here is our final design:

I am REALLY happy with this one (especially since the horse reminds me of Dude and Zeke).  I think it represents everything that we are about.  Now, I'm excited about t-shirts and all new stationery.  I can change the colors to what ever would work best.

Last Saturday, we held our 1st Car Wash and Bake Sale Fundraiser.  We had about 50 people show up to help.   With the suggestion of Crystal, we brought the horses to the car wash for pictures.  We also ended up painting two of them as our signs (for our FREE car wash) for the corners of Scottsdale/Redfield and Hayden/Redfield.  I knew I needed to again, put in a request to God for the dollar amount we would raise, so I came up with $1500 and requested that.   To me, that was a big number.  To God, that was nothing.   As I was counting the cash we made on Saturday, it came to $1503.  I was so excited that God delivered, that I sent this number out to my volunteers knowing that this would not be our official amount because I still was planning a bake sale at church on Sunday.  So, after Sunday, I added up the new money and then sent the email out to everyone that we made $1673.  Well, I went to the bank to deposit the money and we actually made $2250.  I forgot to add in the checks from the car wash!!!!!  God is good!!! 

Here are some of the pictures from the car wash.