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"And my God will meet all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chapter Ten - A Big Attack by the Enemy Against David

Around this same time, David found out that he had throat cancer and also cancer in the lymph nodes around his neck.  Led by the Holy Spirit, I immediately laid hands on David’s neck and commanded in the Name of Jesus for the cancer to go.  I knew in my heart that it had to leave his body and not kill him because I finally had a horse trainer that I believed was sent to me by God as a Divine appointment and there was NO WAY Satan was going to take away from me someone that God just sent me to help with the ministry.  I have stood strong on my faith every day since, however, I didn't trust conventional treatment.   My dad had recently passed from chemotherapy poisoning and I did not want David to go the same conventional route with chemo and radiation that my dad did because I blamed his death on the chemo, however, I did know that David had faith to believe in his healing.    I decided to connect with David’s wife Shirl to see where she stood on conventional vs. unconventional treatments.  I had met her once before when my husband and I went up to Rose Creek ranch to see a piece of property that was developed to withstand civil unrest.  It was built with a preparedness perspective.  David spoke a lot about being prepared for the difficult times to come in the future.  
To my excitement, Shirl was on the same page as me.  I immediately bought Apricot Kernels, which has a high concentration of Vitamin B17 and gave them to David.   Vitamin B17 is a proven vitamin to prevent and kill cancer cells. Unfortunately, it is illegal in our country.  Shirl also put him on a very strict vegetarian and no sugar diet.  This is very advisable to quickly stop the metastasizing of the cancerous cells.  David was not convinced at that time that this would work.  He scheduled all of his appointments to go ahead with radiation treatments.  He also went ahead and got a supplemental insurance addendum to help cover the expense of conventional treatment.  His friend, John, is also his insurance agent.  He encouraged him to be completely covered for any future expenses.    Although David committed to go the unconventional route, he was starved.  He had a very difficult time keeping up with the diet that Shirl put him on so, on occasion, he would buy food outside the diet parameters.  He also had his buddy, Elmo, bring him food with meat from time to time.   
David’s Ford Ranger broke down one day at the barn, so I lent him my truck.  So, I had to drive my Mercedes out to the barn.  Then I was struck by a deer which put my car out of commission. Debbie and I were on our way out to the barn when a 250 lb. buck came flying out of the desert.  It was a 1 second  miracle.  If it was 1 second earlier or 1 second later he would have been thrown through the front windshield or through the passenger window.  He hit the side door frame which caused him to fly up on the hood and then the windshield.  Thank God for a well built Mercedes.  My car needed major body work repair.   I now needed to get my truck back from David while my car was in the body shop.  I then became David’s driver.  I picked him up, drove him out to the barn and dropped him off.  I also drove him to his homeopathic treatment appointments.  Finally, when my car was fixed, I gave David the truck back.  I decided, however, that I didn’t want to continue to drive on the dirt road to the barn with my car, so I had David start picking me up. 
Well, unfortunately for David, Shirl found out about the food he was eating outside her diet for him.  That I believe, in combination with other things, really made her mad and she asked David to move out of the house.   She was convinced that he was going to die.    I wasn’t. 
David took my truck, packed up and moved out.  He stayed with his spiritual son Les for awhile, then Les had to move.    He then moved in to the apartment below Chris’s ranch house for free.  He also asked if he could move MaGlory over to the barn and Chris agreed. MaGlory stayed at the barn on the other side of the ranch from where the ministries’ four horses were boarded.   Now that David lived at the ranch, I couldn’t have him drive to pick me up so I drove my car and parked it at the Verde Golf Course parking lot in Rio Verde and he picked me up from there.  This went on for many months. 
David continued to be treated homeopathically with great success.  However, it was extremely expensive for him to do so.  It was not covered under insurance.  He also increased his B17 intake to intramuscular injections which I purchased for him. 
David continued to train Dude and Zeke, never missing a day due to his health.  They were coming along great.  We started to get more kids coming to the ministry.  We also had adults coming out as well.  This is when I realized that the ministry is really for everyone, not just kids.  I had people that wanted to volunteer, however, they needed to learn about horses as well.   Beginning in the first part of 2009, I was having new people come out, taking lessons from David and myself and learning all there was to learn about the horses.   
Then, in October of 2009, Allie was donated to the ministry.  She is a prize horse.  David was so thrilled with her.  The Lord’s favor was definitely on the ministry.  Since MaGlory was already in the other barn and David was taking care of her there, we just added Allie to that barn as well, so I did not have to pay board and care for her.  I just had to pay for her food.  David did the rest.   Chris was very kind to let us have those two horses in that barn.  The ministry had five horses then. 


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